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Welcome to the SGIMUN, where the world of Model United Nations comes alive! SGIMUN stands as a platform dedicated to fostering global citizenship, diplomacy, and critical thinking among today's youth. Our Model UN conferences provide a dynamic forum for students to engage in simulated diplomatic discussions, tackle pressing international issues, and craft innovative solutions. Through dynamic debates, negotiations, and collaborative problem-solving, participants gain invaluable insights into the complexities of international relations. At SGIMUN, we prioritize cultivating leadership skills, promoting cultural understanding, and honing public speaking abilities, empowering the next generation of leaders to effect positive change on a global scale. Join us in this transformative journey of learning, cooperation, and diplomacy at

SGIMUN – where passionate minds converge to make a difference in the world.

About Us

Welcome to SGI Model United Nations (SGI MUN), where passion meets diplomacy and global issues find their voice. At SGI MUN, we are dedicated to fostering a spirit of international cooperation, leadership, and understanding among young minds. Our platform provides an immersive experience, allowing delegates to step into the shoes of world leaders, debate pressing global challenges, and work collaboratively to find innovative solutions. With a commitment to promoting diplomacy, critical thinking, and public speaking skills, SGI MUN empowers participants to become informed, engaged, and empathetic global citizens. Join us in our journey to inspire the next generation of leaders and make a difference in the world.

What is Model UN?

The essence of a Model United Nations lies in its educational simulation of global diplomacy. Participants, acting as delegates from various nations, engage in research (by studying their assigned country's policies, positions on global, and past.), debate, and negotiation to address real-world challenges. MUNs cultivate critical thinking, public speaking, teamwork, and a deep understanding of

international affairs, preparing future leaders and fostering global citizenship, in a holistic sense.

In a typical conference, delegates are assigned specific countries or roles within UN committees, such as the Disarmament & International Security Committee, or specialised agencies like the World Health Organisation, or United Nations Environmental Programme.



~ Victoria Veritatis


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Sanjay Ghodawat University, Gate No. 583 to 585 , A/P. Atigre Taluka :, Maharashtra 416118

Secretary General:   Director General:
+91 7428215538      +91 9112999990 

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What is Model UN?

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